Without our Horses we would not be able to operate & we view the relationship between the Coaching Staff & our Horses as a very special one. 

It is a partnership & it is important to us that our horses have an excellent quality of life.  

With this in mind, none of them are worked every day & all are regularly vetted. 

The photos below show them at play on their rest days so they are not looking their cleanest but they are very happy !!!!


These majestic animals with the gentlest of natures have been used throughout the centuries and to this day are still

the breed chosen to draw the prestigous Lord Mayors Coach in the annual parade.

The Ostler is home to 15 White Shires - Sam & Beauty, Ronnie & Reggie, Honor & Valour, Milly & Viscount, Viktor & Vincent, Bob & Jake, Morecambe & Wise & Beau


17 Black Friesian Horses


This breed of Horses are well known for their gracefulness and agility along with their amazingly thick long manes & tails. Their kind temperament plus gentle nature makes them popular Carriage Horses and The Ostler is proud to be home to 18 of these Horses called Bill & Ben, Iris & Amos, Wisse & Wats, Ronnie & Reggie, Rook & Raven, Dake & Carlos, Jetse & Femke, Marchje & Yge & Felicity.


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10 White Shire Horses

Our beautiful fine boned horses stand at between 16'1 and 17'2 hands and being fine boned these most elegant of animals are able to cover longer distances at faster speeds than the heavy horses making them ideal for Weddings where there is quite some distance between the various locations. 
The Ostler is fortunate enough to be home to 19 of these wonderful horses - Jack & Vera, Judge & Jury, Bonnie & Clyde, Romantica & Regatona, Pluto & Oscar, Renaldo, Charlie & Chaplin, Borat & Azamat, Steve & Dan, and finally Basil & Arnie. More photos coming soon ......

19 White Fine Boned Horses